Its not possible for us all to live in such close proximity to the sea and gorge on its plethora of treats.  So we’ll share this perk by bringing it to you in the most beautifully theatrical way possible that you won’t forget. Simple. Served on boards, family style this can be an event that oozes elegance, fun and gets everyone involved.

Our ultimate seafood fire feast will include:

Whole Lyme bay Lobsters and crab – grilled on a parrilla or saltbaked infernilo style 

Langoustines – grilled w/ garlic butter and Dorset sea salt

Scallops – cooked on the coals in their shells w/ a choice of garnish

Mussels – on the coals / chapa / en pappilot

Clams, Cockles, Razors Clams

Squid, marinated in chilli and oregano then seared on the plancha 

Whole fish – turbot, brill, or seabass cooked in a cage with just rapeseed oil and Dorset sea salt 

Planked fish – sea trout or salmon, hot smoked licked by flames

Oysters – grilled or natural w/ either cider and shallot dressing, bacon and spinach / wild garlic pesto

Sauces: Charcoal mayo – Saffron aioli – Lemon and herb aioli

Chilli, lemon and herb butter


Seared samphire

Fresh sourdough bread

Chorizo chapa potatoes w/ rosemary

A selection of cold salads or wood fired vegetable options

Why not Include a matching wine package?