Our supper clubs are the smaller, more intimate forms of an Asado – based on the same great food with a little added something special. 

Characterised around the location and our Asado FK way of life we will take your family, your friends or just yourself on a culinary exploration of all things fire food in a relaxed and informal environment outside of the norm.

These are social events where food is not the only focus, it’s a coming together of like minded people for an evening of big laughs, conversation, smiling and new friendships.  The schedules are loose and nothing is set in stone. That’s how we like it. Think big sharing platters, a fair bit of noise, a little bit of hectic and a whole lot of fun!

A typical feast from the flames will consist of;

  • Arrival – grab a welcome drink and some wood fired canapés
  • Take a look around the venue, talk to the Asado FK chefs, animals, owners and other guest and get familiar with your surroundings. Get relaxed & comfy!
  • Grab a drink and take a seat for the feast. 3 courses of local food all cooked over fire and served right in front of your eyes.
  • Post dinner we will stoke the fire, pull up some hay bales and fill up your glasses. The rest of the story you is yours to write…

Sample menu

Check out the dates below or our social media for up to date feast events 

If you’d like a private feast then please get in touch