Although every Asado live fire cooking day will differ slightly the general rule of thumb will be this. Plenty of fire, more than too much meat and more laughs than a bag of jokers, all washed down with a cider or two. Get involved as much as you can or sit back and just enjoy your day and the feasts that will ensue.

Its an asado – thats what its all about, beautiful settings, great company, awesome food and enjoying ourselves.

On a typical day we will cover:

  • Kit set ups and how you can transfer skills to to kit you might have at home or how to get specialist equipment
  • Woods and the different impact they can have on the end results
  • How to set up your fire, control and maintain it and tools you need. 
  • Cooking techniques. Use of direct and indirect heat and the results it can have on the food.  
  • How to judge temperature and harness this skill and utilise it
  • How to use transferable skills to take away with you

During the day there will be a number of feasts, as well as opportunities to grab a drink (or two).

  • We will prepare and cook a whole lamb a la cruz with a salumera for basting, Probably the most iconic image of becoming an asador!
  • Prepare and cook prime rib of beef and learn the temps to achieve your desired result.
  • Veg prep for evening feast, Cooking veg in the embers (rescaldo) and how to utilise this as well as which vegetables are most suited.
  • Making dressings – Chimichurri, confit garlic and saffron Caesar mayo.
  • Salt baking and how it works (chicken or whole fish)
  • Cedar plank salmon and how to impress at home with variations
  • Basic grilling and Cooking dirty!
  • Quick but impressive party bites
  • Chapa potatoes and other sides

How much bang for my buck?

  • Breakfast will be provided after some of the serious feast prep is under way
  • Lunch, just to keep the energy levels up and food moving around the fire
  • An evening feast that will leave you rolling home – or into the onsite glamping or accommodation that some venues will provide (please enquire)
  • A range of local ciders, beers and soft drinks throughout the day
  • A lifetime of new skills and inspiration, new friends and great memories
  • All venues are all weather friendly and have under cover facilities should the great British weather not join the party.

Where are these courses and when?

Dorset Nectar Cider Farm. Nestled in rural Waytown, just outside Bridport this quaint orchard provides the perfect backdrop for a Dorset style Asado. Quality ingredients literally on the doorstep all washed down with organic cider they produce on the farm. Cider tour included! Camping available in the orchard with advance notice.

Dewflock farm, Dorchester, Dorset. A working farm on the outskirts of Dorchester this venue has stunning views across Maiden Castle and onwards towards Hardys monument. As rural as can be this session is held in a copse with just a shepards hut and basic amenities for company. Farm to fork miles 0. Onsite glamping packages available (please enquire)