There is nothing quite as spectacular as seeing a whole animal being lovingly tended to over a fire for hours before your event.  Hog roast are nothing new but going back to the drawing board, we.ve…. jazzed it up a little

Pork/Lamb slowly roasted over our open fire with break your heart crackling and sausage rings that go on for days.  Add a side of super tender ribs and you’ve got yourself a party going on.

Choose your rub, these give an extra special crust.

  • Just fire – thats enough
  • Asado rub – a house secret
  • Fuego rub – think Spanish influences, smoked paprika etc
  • Erba rub – Italian herbs and lemon

Something saucy?

  • Pickled water melon
  • Caramelised pineapple, chilli and tomato ketchup
  • Carrot and ginger marmalade
  • Chorizo and bacon jam
  • White peach ketchup
  • Dorset naga hotsauce ***
  • Bread and butter pickles
  • Sriracha and lime hot sauce 

Cold Sides

  • Chipotle and confit garlic slaw
  • Apple, celeriac and smoked fennel slaw
  • Pickled red cabbage and apple w/ pomegranate bursts

Hot sides

  • Smoked chorizo baked beans
  • roasted squash, charred tomato and chilli salsa


  • Pickled watermelon and smashed cucumber salad
  • West Country kimchi
  • Apple, fennel, watercress and radish salad w/ cider/mead dressing
  • Baby gem and herb salad 

Served with Flatbreads

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