We’re talking serious outdoor fire cooking

We push the boundaries. We make fire, we create, we explore, giving you an unforgettable eatery experience.  No matter what you have in mind, we’ve got all the ingredients to serve up one hell of a celebration.  Its beautiful, its spectacular, its exciting and its unique.

That’s how we roll,

FACT: You’ll never see a group gathered round an oven but you will a gurt big fire stacked full of food!

Corporate events
Team building
You name it……..
we have a fire for it!

Hosting a variety of events from weddings and other large parties right through to more intimate dinner parties and smaller gatherings we specialise in designing a fire based food theme for your party whatever your requirements. We can, and do take our kit anywhere so we can reach areas other caterers won’t. Available all year round, in any weather.

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